What our Customers say...


Arrived on time. Explained process & asked if I had any questions. Was impressed that they used ?green? products. They were able to clean the various carpets/carrpeting I had inc: wall-to-wall, area rugs, runners, door mats & steps. Very reasonably priced for all the carpeting they cleaned.

Everyone there is extremely helpful and very nice. I would recommend them to anyone, they make a disaster not seem so bad! Thank you SERVPRO!

After a very heavy rain I (like many in my neighborhood) had sewage back up into my basement. I had a neighbor recommend the SERVPRO team to help clean the mess. I was able to talk to a real local person right away, no machines. They took some information and told me they would have a team out to my house to clean it up for me with in 2 hours. I was very pleasantly surprised when in an hour and a half the SERVPRO truck pulled up infront of my home. They were polite and respectful, they wore booties to no track the mess through my house. I was even given 3 different choices for a deodorizer. Talk about service, I will absolutely use SERVPRO again if the need ever arises.

Servrpro helped me with wall that had become soft due to water coming in through missing flashing. They were fast to meet with me and begin the work. Prices were fair. Their communication was what impressed me the most. They let me know who was coming and when they will be there, kept me up to date on a window I ordered as well. Thank you Tom and the SERVPRO team.

Great service. Service technician arrived on time, assessed the areas to be cleaned, explained what would be done and then did it. He answered questions about drying time and left contact information in the event of any concerns. In and out in about an hour ... super clean carpets.

We had a great experience with SERVPRO. The day after our flooding they had a team at our house assessing the damage. Although our basement took on 1 to 2 inches of water, I did not expect a quick cleanup because hundreds of homes in our community had far worse damage. But the teams seemed to work around the clock, putting every home, no matter how much damage, on their priority list. They stopped by early or late to readjust machines, track water levels, and protect against mold and mildew. I was also impressed with how kind the employees were during their visits, especially the three siblings who work at the South Bend location. They were also quick to let me know of other cancellations so that we could take those slots and move our process along quicker.

"Very professional - courteous - friendly - willing to do job correctly!!"

"Super Fast, great work, great price!"

"Howard was prompt and courteous - Hard working young man.  I would want him again."

"I wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with the contractor you had do the roof and the interior work in the bathroom. He is great at what he does and was very trustworthy. That is hard to find these days. He was finished last week Thursday with his part. At least I think it was Thursday when I spoke with him. My days all run together, but I know the part he had was complete and was done with excellence. 

"Onsite people could explain the process"

"Very Professional - Courteous - Friendly - Willing to do job correctly"

"Howard (Jr.) is professional and personable.  I felt comfortable having him in my home!"

Regarding Howard Maddox Jr. "He was prompt and courteous.  Hard working young man.  I would want him again."

When asked "What recommendations would you have to help the SERVPRO franchise improve it's performance in the future?"  "Nothing; Everything was amazing"

SERVPRO is the company that we have chosen to work with at all of our facilities. The marketing team is working with us to complete Emergency Response Program at each facility. We called them for our most recent issue and as always they were prompt and polite. SERVPRO is our vendor of choice.  

Water leaked in my basement and got under my carpet and I did not realize that Mold had grown under it. SERVPRO showed me the problem and took care of it very quickly. I am very happy that they were able to take care of the problem in a fast and friendly way. Thanks for taking care of me. 

SERVPRO was extremely nice and the technicians looked professional and acted professional at all times. The service was completed in a timely manner and SERVPRO communicated with me every step of the way. I really appreciate the service I received.  

At the time of the storm damage occurring I did not know who to call and I remembered the SERVPRO vehicles and looked up their number and gave them a call. They were out to my home with-in one hour reviewing the situation and formulating a plan for repairs. Thank you for the prompt, courteous service you provided me. 

I could not believe that SERVPRO came out to my house so quickly. When the lightning hit my home and the fire started and did not know how I was going to secure my home. SERVPRO arrived quickly and boarded up the home immediately. Thank You for your fast service.

The SERVPRO team arrived at my home very quickly and completed the work I needed immediately. In the time of distress of the fire they were very empathetic and courteous. I am very happy that they took care of me.  

I am very happy with the service that I received from SERVPRO. they were very Prompt and Courteous to my home. Everyone was extremely nice and professional and were able to take care of me. I would highly recommend their services. 

We had a bad sewage back up on our lower suite/basement we need cleaned ASAP and SERVPRO came out immediately and resolved the problem. They were courteous and professional and I would recommend them to anyone. I really appreciate the efforts they made to get the work done quickly 

SERVPRO helped my family greatly. I really appreciate how prompt they were to help and they were always friendly. During difficult times it is refreshing to find a company that wants to help. I will tell all my friends and family about my experience. Awesome Job to the team. 

SERVPRO clearly described the work that needed to be done during my storm restoration. Jack was very helpful and called me everyday to ensure my satisfaction. It is very hard to find companies that care about their customers as much as SERVPRO does. Thank You so much.  

SERVPRO has a great office staff. They communicated everyday and were always very polite and courteous to me. I would certainly use them again in a storm situation if needed. Please make sure that you recognize all of the employees.

SERVPRO has great people who are easy to work with. They were prompt and very courteous. I was very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. They fixed the problem quickly. I am satisfied with SERVPRO. Thank You. 

SERVPRO workers completed everything to our overall satisfaction. They were eager to comply with anything we asked. We are very satisfied with the work they completed. I will tell all my friends about my experience. Thank You SERVPRO!  

SERVPRO really saved my life by being extremely prompt and professional helping my tenants in a time of needs. They were extremely quick to fix the issues and get the tenants back into their units. It is very important to me to have companies like SERVPRO take care of my tenants. 

SERVPRO reacted very quickly to a sewage problem. They came to the office and did a fantastic job getting it cleaned up and ensured that the smell was removed. The employees were very prompt and polite and provided great service.  


SERVPRO did an amazing job repairing our restrooms and removing the mold. They were always on time and respected the employees at all times. We truly appreciate the service we received.  

SERVPRO did an outstanding job  completing the work that we needed. The employees were very professional and courteous to everyone. I will call SERVPRO with any needs that we have in the future. Thank You! 

Workers completed everything to our satisfaction.  They were eager to comply with anything.  We are very satisfied.

"I was very satisfied with everything that the SERVPRO team did during the mold remediation in my home. the SERVPRO onsite personnel clearly explained the cleaning and restoration process throughout the duration of the job giving me confidence that I had made the right decision. Thank you SERVPRO.

"My wife and I were very pleased with SERVPRO's work and display of professionalism. Our home in Mishawaka had suffered significant damage due to a tree crashing through the roof during a severe storm. SERVPRO was able to secure our home with a few hours of receiving the call from our insurance company in regards to our loss, preventing any further damage to the structure and to our belongings. The office staff always kept us informed of any changes occurring during the process. Great job SERVPRO!!"

A plumber was fixing pipes in my home, when a spark from his tools caused a fire which damaged a portion of my kitchen. SERVPRO was there to clean up and repair the damages. After a few weeks, my kitchen is back together, "Like it never even happened." Nice Work!!

SERVPRO exceeded my expectations. When our home suffered significant damage from a kitchen fire, my 93 year old mother and I experienced a form of great grief and loss. Everyone involved was very concerned for our well-being as well as our ability to continue to function in the midst of it all. I would definitely use them again.

The SERVPRO team arrived as scheduled, and always communicated effectively if delayed. They took the time to answer any questions or concerns that I had in relation to the loss. I am satisfied with their services and I would use them again in the future.

"Everyone involved in the project performed above & beyond expectation. We were not looking forward to this. They made it easy! Thank you SERVPRO"

"SERVPRO did a wonderful job. We liked their work ethic and hired them for our repairs too."

"I was blown away by the SERVPRO team. They came right out when I called them about a water leak in my basement. They got the job done fast and efficiently. Their technicians were great explaining everything to me. I even called their office to let them know how much I appreciated all they did."

I am very pleased with SERVPROs work and professionalism. SERVPRO is great!

We were satisfied from the very start with the office calls, the SERVPRO personnel, as well as their sub-contractors. Everyone was great to work with.

"SERVPRO was extremely knowledgeable and were always sympathetic to my needs. Over & Above!

"The Project Manager is the most helpful. He knows what needs to be done and gets the job done"

 "Your men were all polite, hardworking, and professional. They reflect well on your company,managers, and owners"

"There were times I wasn't sure we were going in the same direction but the end results count and everyone did their job well. We are 4 days away from moving back in after two months in a hotel with the near finished fire rework . Thanks SERVPRO for a great job!!!"

SERVPRO surprised me in every way. I thought for sure they would have to spend weeks tearing through my flooded basement. but they had cleaned everything up in just a few days and I got my clothes which I thought were completely ruined.